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  • Category Custom website developement
  • Client Arab Trade Union Confederation
  • Start Date 25 Juin 2019
  • Handover 20 November 2019
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  • The International Confederation of Arab Trade Unions (ATUC) stands as the worldwide advocate for trade unions across several Arab nations. The platform serves as a reflection of the core principles and impactful initiatives championed by ATUC through its diverse missions.
  • At the heart of its global representation is a commitment to advancing the rights and interests of workers in the Arab world. The platform is a dynamic embodiment of the union's dedication to fostering labor rights, social justice, and economic empowerment across diverse Arab nations.
  • Through a range of missions, the platform endeavors to amplify the voices of workers, address labor challenges, and promote fair and inclusive economic practices. It is a digital hub where the values of solidarity, equality, and progress are not only expressed but actively pursued.
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