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  • Category Static Website
  • Client JustCliky
  • Start Date 03 December 2021
  • Handover 02 February 2022
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  • JustCliky offers a variety of traditional Arab sweets, especially the kaak warka, freshly baked from artisan workshops.
  • JustCliky takes pride in presenting a diverse array of traditional Arab sweets, with a special emphasis on the exquisite kaak warka. Sourced directly from the ovens of our artisan workshops, each bite of our kaak warka is a testament to the authenticity and craftsmanship embedded in our culinary creations. We meticulously craft these treats to capture the rich flavors and textures that define the essence of traditional Arab sweets. From our ovens to your table, JustCliky ensures a delightful journey through the heart of Arab culinary artistry.
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