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  • Category Quote/E-Commerce
  • Client Kasheksh
  • Start Date 10 September 2023
  • Handover 10 November2023
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  • Welcome to Atelier Zéro Déchet, your premier online destination for all things eco-friendly in Tunisia. This start-up is not just a store; but a lifestyle hub committed to offering a thoughtfully curated selection of sustainable products.
  • At Atelier Zéro Déchet, they believe that every small choice can make a big impact. Their collection spans a variety of eco-conscious categories, from reusable household items to sustainable lifestyle essentials. Whether people are looking for zero-waste alternatives, plastic-free solutions, or simply seeking products that align with their commitment to a greener lifestyle, they’ve got you covered.
  • What sets them apart is their dedication to providing not just products but also a community for like-minded individuals who are passionate about making environmentally conscious choices. Each item in their collection is chosen with care, reflecting their commitment to quality, sustainability, and the joy of embracing a greener way of living.
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