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  • Category Retail e-commerce
  • Client Otrity
  • Start Date 25 August 2020
  • Handover 25 November 2020
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  • Discover Otrity, your premier online grocery store redefining the art of shopping in Tunisia. We are not just a store; we are an experience, curated to bring the best of Tunisia's culinary treasures to your doorstep.
  • What sets the project apart is the commitment to quality and variety. Each product in the online store is chosen with care, reflecting the rich tapestry of flavors that Tunisia has to offer. Whether you're seeking the perfect spice blend for your recipes or exploring the best of local delights, Otrity is your trusted companion on a gastronomic journey.
  • Experience the convenience of online shopping combined with the richness of Tunisia's culinary heritage with Otrity
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